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How companies can facilitate sustainable transitions

Lotte Meijer explored how companies deal with specific contexts in the upscaling of sustainable innovations.

To face today’s major challenges, society needs more sustainable forms of energy and mobility. Increasing the adoption and uptake of sustainable innovations in society means taking the local context, the individuals and companies within it, into account. Lotte Meijer explored how companies of different sizes deal with specific contexts (regional, national, international) in the upscaling of sustainable innovations across four different countries: the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and Australia.

She defended her PhD on 16 June 2020.


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My Dissertation

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“Up, Up, and Away” 

Organizations facilitating the upscaling of niche innovations in different transition contexts

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Align, adapt or amplify: Upscaling strategies for car sharing business models in Sydney, Australia


Sustainability transition
Business model
Upscaling strategies
Car sharing
Sydney (Australia)

Barriers and drivers for technology commercialization by SMEs in the Dutch sustainable energy sector


Sustainability transition
Technology commercialization
Barriers and Drivers

Intermediating the energy transition across spatial boundaries: Cases of Sweden and Spain

Systemic intermediary
Energy transition
Case study

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